For over 50 years, Alex Gori and his family have produced some of the finest pastries (and the best crumb cakes!) in the Northeast. Pastry Chef Bakery celebrates heritage, the joy of baking and family traditions with classic recipes that have been passed down through generations.

Alex didn’t grow up dreaming to own his own bakery. It all started when he was a young 11-year old boy, when the New York native hopped onto his bicycle to sell ice pops while sitting on his milk carton storefront. At the age of 12, his passion for sweets continued when he took on various jobs- from porter, to cashier, to stock boy- in his brother-in-law Rocco Russo’s Bronx bakery. 

And the rest is history...  After working with Rocco for years, one day Alex decided to launch his own project. The Pastry Chef Bakery opened its doors in 1996 and has been thriving since, producing some of the finest pastries in the Northeast, and servicing casinos, major supermarkets, hotels, country clubs, restaurants, specialty stores, caterers, and event halls throughout New Jersey.

Today, Pastry Chef Bakery offers a wide range of different kinds of desserts including cookies, macaroons, brownies, coffee cakes with elaborate toppings, but when it comes to traditional classics, its famous New York–style crumb cake can lay claim to the crown.

Alex and his wife, Teresa, lead a tight knit team of passionate individuals all driven by the desire to share their love of baking by making the finest pastries with the highest quality ingredients. Every product is made by hand with the freshest, seasonal ingredients, and the team constantly strives to raise the bar to keep the family traditions alive.

Pastry Chef Bakery
4057 Asbury Ave, Tinton Falls, NJ 07753